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Ethereum is a decentralized system that is not controlled by one person or organization and is run by a vast network of computers spread across the globe. This makes it more secure than most centralized systems or applications. Ethereum has some key differences to Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by Price and Market Cap, that makes it especially valuable to developers. The ETH open software platform evolved and enhanced the original capabilities of BTC into a network of nodes that spans the globe.

What makes Ethereum stand out above the rest is the ability for programmers to create smart contracts that can perform transactions and other specific actions according to a set of programmed rules. These smart contracts can be used to facilitate the exchange of various products, money, content, shares and other items of value.

Ethereum is striving to become a World Computer and in many ways it has come far in achieving this goal. Thousands of nodes are spread across the globe and a team of developers are creating apps and smart contracts daily. 

Ethereum is truly one of the most exciting projects to arise from the blockchain revolution and will play an significant role in its future.

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